Coaching in Bavarian Nordic

From July to December 2016, Coello conducted a series of coaching sessions in Bavarian Nordic. We invite you to read what one of the coachees – a then 26-year-old woman – learned from the process.

1. What was your intention when starting the coaching process? Did you reach your goal(s)?
– The aim of the coaching process was to get some tools for managing my everyday life and no longer feeling stressed out. My doctor wanted me to take a sick leave, but that wasn’t what I wanted. I needed practical tools to get rid of that feeling I had.
– We didn’t set specific goals from the beginning, but simply focused on creating a “rescue plan” for the first four weeks until I went on vacation. This changed during the process, though, so I did get some small goals and specific tasks to complete for each coaching session.
– I think I reached the goals we set along the way, but we also kept them quite open so that now I can continue my personal development on my own and grow even further.

2. Which insights and strategies have you obtained which you will continue to use?
– I got a lot of different things from the coaching, but the ones I use the most and that feel most useful for the time being are:

  • Block out time for ”Time 2”-tasks at work (tasks that are important, but not urgent).
  • Take a time-out when I feel that things are moving a bit too fast, or I feel pressured to give an answer too quickly
  • When I am given a strict deadline, I give people the option to choose whether they want a quick delivery of a lower standard, or if they prefer to wait a little longer and get something better.
  • Before a difficult meeting, I pick 2-3 things that are important to me and that I will focus on during the meeting.

3. What was your impression of Inga Coello as a coach?
– I think Inga gave me exactly what I needed in a very constructive and appreciative manner. I like that she applies different methods to find out what works for the individual client.
– I appreciate that she took me seriously, looked at things from my perspective, and then showed me how a situation could have developed differently depending on my own reactions. You cannot change other people, but you can choose how you react to things, which I now see as an advantage, even though it can be difficult at times.
– It was also nice that she acknowledged my feelings and my crying, without reacting too strongly to it.
– Finally, I liked that there was always room to talk about whatever was on my mind, including non-stress related issues.