Leadership development and executive coaching

Coello offers 1:1 leadership development adapted to your requirements.

Our courses are for leaders who wish to develop their insight and knowledge of leadership in practice. We offer you as a leader a selection of concrete management tools that help improve your communication and time management skills, making more time for leadership and reflection.

Executive coaching is for you as a private person, an employee, or a leader in businesses across all industries. We have conducted more than 500 coaching lessons so far and we combine our skills, competences and a background in psychology with a wide range of courses and certifications in coaching.

Personal development

This course is for leaders and employees who wish to evaluate their strengths and learn to perform better.

Coello uses a wide range of tools, focusing on your exact needs. We help you find new ways and a clear direction concerning your career, work-life-balance, and your happiness. You will get a new perspective on what you can do by using your strengths and potentials, as we believe that patterns and behavior can be changed in order to achieve your goals.

You will for instance be able to achieve greater job satisfaction and boost your working climate by using your strengths. Using one’s strengths is key to mental toughness, less stress, further commitment and improved performance.

Team development

Coello offers team development for both new teams and established teams.

We focus on showing you how diversities and similarities create the best team performance.
We apply different tools in our work and adapt our solutions to your needs in preparation for optimizing your teamwork and performance. Furthermore, we help you improve your communication and ability to focus on “we” instead of “I”.

We use effective methods like LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®, POWERCARDS and ORSC (Organization and Relationship System Coaching). These tools help improve the working environment and create lasting changes in your team.

Read more about our methods here.