ORSC (Organization Relationship System Coaching)

Using ORSC, we help you create intelligent teams.

ORSC is a model for coaching, based on the theory of Systems Intelligence. Working with systems intelligence requires shifting your focus from the individual to the relations in a group, a team or a system, dealing with these as an entity.

We help people broaden their mindset, seeing that there are several approaches to any desire or challenge. Thus, there are several options for taking action. We work with the existing resources – the conscious as well as the unconscious resources. In this way we enable you to see things in light of the entity rather than simply from a personal perspective.

The purpose of using ORSC is to provide insights and tools that ensure long-term change in individuals and teams. We want team members to see themselves as part of a bigger system, which they both influence and are influenced by in a dynamic, interpersonal flow. Conflicts are treated as a sign that change is required.

Apart from learning to see things from one’s own and other people’s perspective, we teach people to see things from a systemic perspective, focusing on relations rather than individuals.