Powercards is an effective dialogue tool which we have developed in collaboration with the VIA Institute based on the keywords: Make it simple, inexpensive and research-based.

It is centered around 24 character strengths. Every set of Powercards contains everything you need to start conversations that develop character strengths in practice. The cards can be used in many contexts, e.g. coaching, personal development, conversations about diversities and daily leadership of employees. The cards make it is easy to supplement the free VIA Character Survey online in conversations and in practice. The test is taken by more than 2, 6 million people in the world and in 190 countries. You complete the test online and then use the cards to understand your results and work with your character strengths alone or with our help.

Knowing your character strengths reduces stress and improves both the working climate and individual performance. Character strengths can be used in excess or too little. Powercards teach you to create more balance in how you use your character strengths so that they are used neither too much, nor too little. The cards help you to talk about and understand your own character strengths so that you become aware of how to use them and how to best develop your strengths.

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